Wish Only Well

“What would mom say?”


WOW is living in your highest ideals and believing in yourself. It’s appreciating and respecting the diversity and magnificence of life, realizing that you are a link in the chain of life. The chain will be as weak or as strong as you.

Believe in the power of faith, hope and love. Contribute to life in your own special way and celebrate the renaissance of the human spirit!

Be a messenger of hope! Give WOW a new meaning: Wish Only Well.

When you realize that you are a part of this big beautiful picture of life, this golden chain of life, you awaken your soul’s wisdom. Once we know how vitally important each of us is in the chain of life, we have a duty to be strong not only for ourselves, but for all. Remember that you can’t be helpful to others if you can’t help yourself.

For now, let’s use what we know to help ourselves. Remember, our brain is recording even the things we think or say jokingly or with irony, sarcasm, etc. You may be kidding, but your brain records, like a VCR (video cassette recorder). And like a VCR, it doesn’t care if it’s recording a great film or a commercial, it just does its job.

The human spirit is awakening like never before.

Celebrate! A better world is here because of you!


Monkey see, monkey do? There may well be a “critical mass” required to shift a new behavior from being a fragile personal idiosyncrasy to being a well-established alternative, but creating a new alternative does not automatically displace older alternatives. It just provides more choices. It is possible that the washing alternative established by the monkeys on Koshima Island did create a morphogenetic field that made it easier for monkeys on other islands to “discover” the same technique, but the actual research neither supports nor denies that idea. It remains for other cultural experiments and experiences to illuminate this question.

Holding positive ideas (as important a step as this is) is not sufficient by itself to change the world. We still need direct communication between individuals, we need to translate our ideas into action, and we need to recognize the freedom of choice of those who choose alternatives different from our own.

Become the 100th monkey.

There definitely is something to this. The same phenomenon was observed in the Mogabi zoo, where chimps were observed washing cats prior to stuffing them down the garbage disposal, saving on plumbing bills. (Note picture above) The practice has since spread to all zoos.


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