“What can we do about it?” – DrB

Return to the minds

In regard imprinting. Interesting question. The word “we” was used with intent. An idiot would say “What can I do about it?’ with resignation. Centereds have a sense of social responsibility, able to balance the individual needs against those of society. An idiot will take the optimum solution for him at the expense of society. Evidently, they want their children to be just as stupid as they are. One would think that all that needed to be done would be to inform the educational system. WRONG! They know, and they’re doing it anyway. They are KNOWINGLY mutilating our children’s minds so as to improve efficiency. That’s what I got so angry about a couple of months back.

The question now becomes “if we didn’t have idiots running the school system, what can we do about it?” The trick would seem to be to enable the bottom up thinking that is crushed by the educational system now. Sitting almost forces top down thinking while standing almost forces bottom up thinking. So one approach would be field trips. Instead of teaching history from a book, get them off their butts and take them to an historical battlefield. “the union troops were up on that hill” (pointing) hiding in the bushes. “The confederate troops came down this path, and were ambushed. The towns people were gathered in the shade under their umbrellas drinking tea, and once the bullets started flying decided that they really needed to get back to their chores” Make it real. On woods excursions teach them important stuff like “don’t wipe with poison ivy” (that’s worth imprinting) or don’t eat the yellow snow.

Sir Ken suggests more emphasis on the arts, particularly drama, and creativity brought into the classroom.

My favorite is learning. I use learn as a transitive verb, I present the data, say what I think about it, and ask for responses. “What do you think?” This is opposed to teaching where opinions are expressed and accepted as fact during the critical period. The Benedictine’s mission was to spread enlightenment, not teach.

“We can’t teach you, we can only show you how to learn” – Bro Max

This critical period is when children become aculturated to society and should be viewed with that in mind. Social mores, interactions, etc. Let them learn what we have evolved to learn in the timeframe which human nature dictates. Hijacking this natural process is no different than brainwashing on a permanent basis. They become idiots.

These are human beings, with a glorious potential. Not a bunch of damned machines to be programmed. Pull, don’t push. Work with nature, don’t try to control it.  Provide a platform to allow them to be who they are supposed to be, not who you want them to be.

Below are two videos by Mr Sir Ken Robinson.  This is his web page, the videos are on the riglht.

Sir Ken Robinson

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