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Medication, or… Meditation?……

“Yoga is the science of the east, science is the yoga of the west”

There would be a failure on my part if I did not mention various methods of expanding consciousness here. I have not included them because there are too many, and they have all been well done. While in Singapore I studied yoga as a method to lower my blood pressure as my prescribed medication was not available. And it works. However, once I got past Ganesh sprinkling pedals of tranquility over me, I found I could lower my blood pressure without the mysticism. (I can give a nurse fits checking my vital signs) Yoga, and I presume other meditative techniques, give the mind a framework to effect physiological and psychological changes. Once the neural connections are made, the mysticism is not necessary.

“it helps to have a god to meditate on, it doesn’t matter which one” – Patel
“A real man doesn’t do yoga, he does zen” – el Loco Gringo

Secular Meditation, get free e-book below The subject of this book is Vipassana meditation practice. Repeat, practice. This is a meditation manual, a nuts-and-bolts, step-by-step guide to Insight meditation. It is meant to be practical. It is meant for use. There are already many comprehensive books on Buddhism as a philosophy, and on the theoretical aspects of Buddhist meditation. ***Lord Ganesh***

If you are interested in that material we urge you to read those books. Many of them are excellent. This book is a ‘How to.’ It is written for those who actually want to meditate and especially for those who want to start now. There are very few qualified teachers of the Buddhist style of meditation in the United States of America. It is our intention to give you the basic data you need to get off to a flying start. Only those who follow the instructions given here can say whether we have succeeded or failed. Only those who actually meditate regularly and diligently can judge our effort. No book can possibly cover every problem that a meditator may run into. You will need to meet a qualified teacher eventually. In the mean time, however, these are the basic ground rules; a full understanding of these pages will take you a very long way. There are many styles of meditation. Every major religious tradition has some sort of procedure which they call meditation, and the word is often very loosely used. Please understand that this volume deals exclusively with the Vipassana style of meditation as taught and practiced in South and Southeast Asian Buddhism. It is often translated as Insight meditation, since the purpose of this system is to give the meditator insight into the nature of reality and accurate understanding of how everything works. Buddhism as a whole is quite different from the theological religions with which Westerners are most familiar. It is a direct entrance to a spiritual or divine realm without addressing deities or other ‘agents’. Its flavor is intensely clinical, much more akin to what we would call psychology than to what we would usually call religion. It is an ever-ongoing investigation of reality, a microscopic examination of the very process of perception. Its intention is to pick apart the screen of lies and delusions through which we normally view the world, and thus to reveal the face of ultimate reality. Vipassana meditation is an ancient and elegant technique for doing just that.

    Here are some links. (a starting point only)

    Mindfulness Promise nonduality WholeBrain Happiness


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