The only choice

The Only Choice

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in re assholes and idiots, (actually there’s another type.pseudo-centered) The common tread in all types is an inability to think independently. They react to an ethical situation rather than respond depending on what ever dogma or ideology their mind has been polluted with. They have no moral center. They spend a great deal of mental effort rationalizing what the “right” thing to do is. On the other hand a centered person knows and understands and wastes no mental effort agonizing over decisions. As with the psychologist, it was just kinda “got it, lets move on”. It seems the centered thus have more time for self improvement, a kind of quiet passion about life. Exploring their passion, what ever it may be, is fascinating. They each have their own truth, have explored it thoroughly, and are unique and complete individuals, with a valid and comprehensive view of life. I tend to agree with all centered people. By talking to centered people I can gain a perspective I may never have thought of. For instance, one woman I was talking to on this same subject said that the un-centered were people whose self esteem immune system had broken down and they were infected with a viral ideological meme. (she was a doctor) What a neat perspective. She’s right, Of course, she is right whether I think so or not. That was her truth. Ayn viewed the un-centered as second hand people IE they depended on others for providing them with self esteem. Another guy I was talking to described them as hollow people. Another as superficial people. Dennett describes them as having a mental parasite, Robert Wilson as robots./. In closing this topic has breadth and depth.(and length ) and is hardly going to be resolved completely in a final TRUTH. Maybe a bunch of mini-truths. This video is very close to my take on the subject, except that I view them as zombies rather than wearing a contorted mask. It evens shows the wizard (of oz, behind the curtain) the viral infection or parasite controlling the actions of the asshole. (Pink Floyd’s right too) Addendum summary a centered person’s thoughts and emotions are governed by his “own” truth. An uncentered person’s thoughts and emotions are governed by “someone else’s” TRUTH. There is no TRUTH there is only truth.

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