Deep Listening

What is Deep Listening?

“Deep listening is not defensive, argumentative, or intrusive. It is not about struggling to analyze or interpret. It is a purely receptive state of mind. In a state of deep listening, we realize our oneness. We realize that we are not separate, but truly one spirit — we are connected.” – Joe Bailey

“I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with me about it. Can you just listen to me for a while till I get some clarity?”

This is what happens to me with the QD Fix. While what they say may be an outpouring of grief, what I hear is “I hurt, heal me”. I can’t of course. Trying to impart my truth to them would only make their situation worse. I wait for them to get their thoughts sorted out, then provide them with the means for them to heal themselves. They want the secret magic fix, the TRUTH, instead I provide them with a means to find their own truth. Usually “do not allow another to occupy rent free space in your mind”. That is, after all, what has happened when a person becomes un-centered. el Loco Gringo

“The goal of deep listening is to be touched by the other person and to hear the essence of what he or she is saying.” – Joe Bailey

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