Towards a Type Zero Civilization


Cucold – The females of certain varieties of cuckoo lay their eggs in other bird’s nests, freeing themselves from the need to nurture the eggs to hatching

Civilization can be classified by the synergy between man and woman. In a type 1 civilization (Mid-east) there is no synergy between man and woman and so cannot be properly classified as a valid civilization. The woman has no worth – Value =1 Purdah In a type 2 civilization (Western) the womans worth is added to the man’s – Value = 2. In a type 3 civilization(Oriental), this synergy is recognized with a added worth value of one Value = 3 In a type 4 civilization both men and women are recognized as having complimentary synergy. This has not existed since the paleolithic. I am unaware of any such. Value = 4 We appear to be going into a type 0 civilization, IE neither man nor woman has worth. This is NO civilization.

The Fifth Horseman

The bible skipped one. The fifth horseman is cukoldry. Strictly speaking, a cuckold is a married man with an adulterous wife, but current usage sometimes extends the term informally to include cuckqueans (women with adulterous husbands) – wikipedia I want to extend that term to include the state. We are entering a society of serial polygamy in which the state encourages and enforces a non-synergy between man and woman. Rather than build toward synergy, it destroys it. Why is this important? Because it’s why men marry. If a man cannot be certain he is not raising someone elses child, he is a cuckold. There is no point in marriage, or even pairing up with a single woman. It will be a Mad Max world.

Marriage Boycott

Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D., political science teacher at Howard University, gives his take on the growing marriage boycott by men.

Doctor Baskerville states, “men themselves express a weightier explanation of why they fear marriage: For many men, starting a family is a one-way ticket to jail, and even worse.” How sad and how true. He also states, “Portraying marriage as a man’s ball-and-chain used to be a joke. Now, it is a political problem.” I would add that it is also a societal problem that is accompanied by a dangerous rate of population collapse.

Women are married to the state. They obtain their defense, their income, and other privileges from the state. Men are subjects of the state and, therefore, subjects of women because women are married to the state and are one in the same. Men are, therefore, subjugated by both the state and women and rebel against the same by refusing to be further subjugated by the state and women by refusing to marry women who, in fact, are already married to the state. It makes both ethical and practical sense, therefore,for males not to get married. The same factors, however, will clearly destroy the state as social cohesion, the “social contract”, in the form of marriage, is requisite for the state to exist. Women’s marriage to the state and women’s and the state’s subjection of men will, therefore, destroy the state. Simple logic!

Like the complete walkout that has been talked about for several years, just a complete and utter ‘walk-away’, not just a silly “marriage boycott”, but walk away from the jobs, the armed forces, every social, public, paid, unpaid, job that men do`” This is another side, a push for gay rights. Prop 8

My, this is disturbing. Where is this trend heading?

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