God is dead

god is dead

But not GOD

Religion killed Her

Centering then is the awareness of god, not the bullshit de-feminized god of christianity but the awareness that we are an integral part of the universe.  Whether you call her the big hoochie koochie,  Cosmic standing wave, spacial forcing, divine cosmic awareness, gaia, mother earth, azna doesn’t matter.  Centering is our connectedness with the universe.  Christianity has robbed us of the ability to experience god for ourselves

god has been murdered   Christianity killed her.

Sekinah InnerChild Gaia Goddess

3 Responses to “God is dead”

  1. Language seems to be a problem here. We throw about words like ‘God’ and ‘religion’ but what do we mean by them? It seems as if we all understand these words differently. Could we not reach a common understanding without depending upon words and what they mean to us?

    Apparently not.

    But we are capable of having an understanding of ourselves and the world and our relations between one another and the world, without talking about it. Maybe the Maori’s started there and embraced before the battle to acknowledge intrinsic brotherhood even between adversaries.

    As soon as we switch to ‘words’ to try to represent our understanding (which includes our feeling experience, which is too complex for words), we start to confuse words (idealisations) for reality. And the confusion this causes has us come up with more words still, and pretty soon the words are being shouted and the shouter is insisting that he speaks the truth, even the truth is too complex to ever be spoken. Nevertheless, people go to battle over words. Just say to someone, ‘your mother is a whore’ and if you put enough energy and sincerity into it, you will have yourself a battle. Your adversary might even insist that you ‘take back what you said’, as if what you said, the string of words that you uttered, was something real.

    That’s the funny thing about language. In Chevy Chase’s ‘Summer Vacation’, while the Griswold family is in Paris, the French waiter in the sidewalk cafe is mocking the ‘ignorant Americans’ by making Clark Griswold think that he is being complimented by his choices from the wine list while the waiter is in fact saying, in French which the Griswolds have difficulty understanding, … “Your wife has nice breasts, and your daughter has a nice ass.”

    The waiter’s non-discursive signals, the put-on smile and friendly gestures prompt a smiling friendly response from the Griswolds, while both sides pretend that they are keying to the words that are being spoke.

    William Blake pointed out (Plate 11 in ‘The Marriage of Heaven and Hell’) that the poets had personified the feminine (spatial-relational) powers of space, by alluding to LOCAL spirits in the waterfalls, rivers, cities etc. and that these personifications had been vulgarized and taken literally by some, this way of thinking forming the religious ‘priesthood’. That is, by imputing a local spirit to a storm, we steal the ‘first cause’ from the flow and impute it to be locally originating within the cell. This has become part of our western culture. We split the world into two worlds, the inanimate where there is no spirit inside the thing, and since we have substituted and literalized the imputing of local spirits that animate things locally, there is no longer any need for female spatial-relational first cause sourcing of animation (dynamic behaviour). We can call the flow feature, which is ‘local’ only according to our visual sensing, ‘Katrina’ and personify it as if it had an animating spirit in it that was the local originating source of it ‘growing stronger’, ‘moving northwest’, ‘wreaking destruction’, ‘dissipating’ etc., an idealization-based schema rendered in words which allows us to forget about the REAL source of its animation which is the spatial-relational flow that is a mere feature in.

    The denial of the female spatial-relational flow, the spatial accommodating and opening of spatial possibility, doesn’t let us off the hook since our natural experience is screaming at us for some explanation as to where is the ultimate source of all these ‘spirits’ than inhabit ‘locally existing material systems’ that provide the notional first cause sourcing that animates these local material systems (which are ‘local’ only because we declare them to be so). The priesthood invented the notion that a ‘Supreme Being’ residing beyond nature (an ‘end-run’ to bypass the feminine spatial-relational source(ress) was responsible for implanting all the local God-like first cause animators of notional ‘local, independently existing material systems [e.g. organisms, cells, genes etc.].).

    Our language, whose noun-verb architecture collaborates in imputing local first cause origination of animated behaviour to visible material objects, concretizes the machinations of the priesthood. That is, ‘in the beginning was the word’ is a religious concept that implies that the word of God has bite, … a notion in contradiction to such philosophical aphorisms as ‘the word dog does not bite’.

    So, god as the female spatial-relational sourcing of animation cannot be ‘murdered’; i.e. the evolutionary force innate in nature cannot be murdered, … but we can invent phony icons that, IN OUR MINDS usurp the powers of nature and re-situate them outside of nature (god knows where!) and animates the world by implanting absolute first cause sourcing capabilities within all those things which we have labeled ‘animate’; i.e. the flow-features that attract our attention to the point that we forget about their innate inclusion in the spatial flow.

    we love this in the western culture. we invent things called ‘sovereign states’ and declare them to be imaginary-line bounded tracts of land, if you can imagine, which are governed by an absolute central regulatory authority that answers to no-one else in the universe, and gives itself the entitlement to pursue its own self-interests as if it were the only animate entity in the world. as the legal historians say, the secular state is a theological concept. politicians are thus another form of priesthood.

  2. ellocogringo Says:

    It’s a metaphor big guy. Obviously the big hoochie koochie can’t be murdered, but the little hoochie koochie (our perception of the big hoochie koochie which some people call god) can, and has been. As to words, to me god and religion are mutually exclusive concepts. Still both inside the skull.

  3. […] blissful in your ignorance and confident in your TRUTH.  Your puppy has been killed.  Your god has been murdered. And mother nature is going to hit your reset […]

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