Not very deep inside of me lurks a beast. It really doesn’t take much to unleash it, and when it rears it’s ugly head, you’d better take cover.

What is anger? You have allowed yourself to get screwed. It’s OK to be angry, but anger is an emotion and must not be allowed to consume our mind in a manner which negatively impacts our quality of life. Stuffing it only allows it to simmer and poison our psyche. Like a forest fire it must be allowed to run it’s course cleaning out the underbrush. It must be contained, but not extinguished.

What about anger management techniques, Inner peace, yoga, inner child, meditation, harmony, trust in God. Crap!! When your kid breaks his arm, you don’t take him to church, you take him to the ER. That’s why people go postal, the anger goes unaddressed and turns to fury in frustration. The anger must be sated. It is a need, a living thing. You can’t cure hunger by going on a diet. You can’t cure fatigue with exercise. You cure hunger by eating. You cure fatigue with sleep. You cure anger by defending yourself.

Your mind is under attack. Not from the outside (the screwer), but from the inside, (the screwee). You are pissed at yourself. This is your psyche screaming “How DARE you let this happen to me, do something, NOW!!!” But you can’t think while your anger is yelling at you to “Do something!!!’, It is a mindless thing, like a child throwing a temper tantrum, it must be reassured and soothed.

Regroup means; gather your resources, fall back and form a defensive perimeter. It carries an element of command, it is to be obeyed instantly without discussion. This same concept can be used to provide a place in your mind to be sane in. Then you can watch the anger burn. It can be a cleansing experience.

While it is burning down, you can contemplate how to keep this from happening again. IE Defend yourself from untrustworthy people. Resolve to regroup if your mind becomes too “busy”. This anger is directed against yourself for allowing this to happen. This is why it is so frightening. You have violated the implied duty to protect your psyche. Once an effective defense mechanism is in place, the anger will be satisfied and dissipate. Now you can “Do Something”

Look at it as an opportunity to tune up your defense mechanism. Once the anger is sated you will feel a calm descend on you. You will be better for having experienced it.

Anger alleviation regimen Choice

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