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Another group of aboriginals is the maori of New Zealand.  Delicate movements and chanting music are used to convey the love between two teams Prior to an athletic event.  Haka (fire words) The first video demonstrates this choreographed event between two opposing teams prior to a match.  The first is a Haka (Harmony And Kindness Always)   In a match between patea and tonga.  The deeply moving rendition of “I’m gonna cut your dick off and stick it in your ear” is answered contrapuntally by the melancholy “I’m gonna tear your head off and shit down your windpipe” performed by the paete blacks and the tonga reds.  HakaTonga .  The next is a performance by the ladies titled “I’m gonna twirl your severed testicles around and feed them to the dogs”  Poi E This subtlety is lost on the westerner, however, as seen in the match between New Zealand and Scotland.  HakaScot Attempts to emulate this spiritual rite seems to lose the delicate nuances inherent in the language of the Maori.  HakaAussieI had the good fortune to visit New Zealand, I wish I had more time.  I only spent an afternoon at patea and was sitting in the grass watching a performance of Poi e, No they’re not really the severed balls of enemies but white flowers similar to a carnation.  Twirling is supposed to bring love.  I wish i had more time.  It looked fascinating. The Maori Click on the link below the video to get a history of the Maori.  It’s a shame these guys never tangled with the Vikings.  It would have been glorious.

“Be Strong, be brave, be steadfast and sure”

“for god is our shelter and he is our strength.

Ranginui – Sky Father
Papatuanuku – Earth Mother



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  1. Taht HakaScot is hilarious, good on ya mate. I love it


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